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Free Stuff: Friendship Cards * Graphics * Midi * Wav * Web Tools * Hot Links * More All Of The Free Stuff Is To Be Added Soon This Site Is Only A few Months Old And Growing. Thanks For Visiting.


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( Cards With Java Programing )

Water Falls
A beautiful pic of a waterfall with a wonderful message, moving water ( JavaApplet ) .A New Card
Spring Card
Tulips at the waters edge very nice card with sound (JavaApplet).
Spring Card
A sunset at the ocean with poem and sound. (JavaApplet).A New Card

( Cards To Send A Friend )

For a Romantic Friend
Cupid flings his arrow at a heart very romantic, boy or girl.
A lift me up Card
From a good friend to a good friend very beautiful card lots of graphics.(JavaScript)
If Only We Would Believe
Believing it can happen, a walk in the early morning fog, a look at life.(JavaScript)A New Card
A Friends Light
A friends light, Can be as bright as the brightest star. Let it shine.
To a friend Card
You may count on me I will be there a friend (with sound).A New Card

( BirthDay Cards )

Birthday card with lots of balloons and sound.
Bday Card
A birthday cake card, blow out the candles and make a wish. Send one to a friend.

( Miscellaneous Cards )

A lift me up Card
This card called Doors is a lift me up card send it to someone you care about.
Can you see it
This card will cause you to have a vision before your very eyes, very different A must see.

( Holiday Cards )

St.Paddy's Day1
St. Patrick's Day Greetings card with sound. Send one to a friend.
St.Paddy's Day2
A neat little St.Paddy's Day card animated with sound. You don't need to be Irish for this one.
Easter Card
Easter card for moma. She deserves the best. (With midi sound)
Easter Card
Happy Easter from Peter Cottontail for the little ones. Send your little one this card.
Thanksgiving Day Card
Thanksgiving day card for my family, Wish I were there with you (funny words).
Thanksgiving Day Card
Do Thanksgiving Turkeys Realy Have a Complaint, Don't Over Eat. (funny words).

( Christmas Cards )

Snow on Christmas Eve
Lot of snow on Christmas Day = Java Script Snow Nice.A New Card
A snowman on Christmas {Java Script Very beautiful card.}A New Card
Blue xmas
I'L a blue Christmas without you {Java Script My pick}.A New Card
Santa is coming
Don't forget the mile & cookies Santa comes tonight {Java Script }.A New Card
Hackers version (NightB4Christmas) very FunnyCan you relate.A New Card
Lighting Up The Christmas Tree with sound and animation.A New Card
Nite befor Christmas the real one.A New Card
white Christmas
White Christmas in the country. (Java Applet)A New Card

Hundreds of Web Graphics All Free From A Gift4U

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Lines and bars for your web page all free.A New page
This Space Is For More Graphics & Free Stuff To Come

This Space Is For More Graphics & Free Stuff To Come

How Do I Send A Friend A Card?

How to send a card. { Click Here }

For Your Infromation Free Reports.

How Not to Buy a Lemon The Report.A New Card

This Page is as Always Under "Construction". Help it to Grow. Email Gift4U, With Your Self Written Poems, Graphics and Suggestions. If Used You Will Be Given Credit.

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